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Machine Learning

When automated machines are embedded with the finest technology of Big data and the extreme measures of IT, Machine learning with Big data is what can make this requirement accomplished and step up technology to a new benchmark.


Basics of Redhat, Administrative commands, Installation

Installation ,User and administrative commands,troubleshooting

Overview of R,Simulation, code profiling,Database Connectivity,Visualization

Basic of Python, I/O, DataBase Connectivity OOP's, Python GUI.

GUI Application development with jython database connectivity.

Introduction to Machine Learning.

Supervised learning - Regression, A case study in Classification.

Clustering- A case study in clusetering.

Deep Learning : Searching for Images.

Spark Architecture, Machine learning with spark - Mllib.

Machine Learning Frameworks

Numerical Computation Using Apache Singa.

File System Hierarchy, SAMBA/NFS, Python Installation,

Basic concepts of Python, Functions, file handling, OOP's

Installation of Raspberry-PI OS, Interfacing: LED, SENSOR, SWITCHES, CAMERA, GPS

Interfacing Sensors (Light) with Aurdino.

Projects with Raspberry-Pi

VOIP, Real time GPS/GPRS ,Raspberry-PI and Arduino

Introduction to AI, Login for planning.

OpenCV, Color filtering, Morphological

Introduction to Virtual Assistants, Building an application with STT and TTS

Project With AI

AI based face recognization based security system

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