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Diploma in Software Development & mobile app development

Course Details

Android Mobile Application Development

Nowadays the trend of landscape desktop applications has been migrated to simple mobile applications.

The logical impacts of the desktop applications need to be placed in the right place so that the layout of the application does not alter. We provide the best services to in accordance to the two environments.

This is our progressive big data training, where you will get the professional knowledge not only with the expertise with python programming but with the implementation of big data as well.

Software Development

Market trends have witnessed the exhaustion of existing IT roles. Here Hadoop training will enrich individuals with the quality of managing big data for large companies and industries.


C, C++, Linux, Server Management

Java 9, Input in java, Branching and Looping, Arrays, String, Date & Time, OOPs, Exception Handling

Blue Print


MySql, JDBC, File Handling, Sockets, AWT, Swing

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap


Mobile App Development

Java is a programming language that is considered to be a pre requisite for any other programming associated with advanced logical interfaces. Big data with Java is an ultimate combo pack which behaves as an assured pathway towards a bright career in IT.


Servlet, JSP, Java Beans, XML

Hibernate, Struts, Spring



Content Provider, Android Notification, Multimedia, Location API

Device Connectivity, Sensor API, Android Web Services, Android Google Map


Big Data with machine learning

When automated machines are embedded with the finest technology of Big data and the extreme measures of IT, Machine learning with Big data is what can make this requirement accomplished and step up technology to a new benchmark. .


Basics of Redhat, Administrative commands, Installation

Installation ,User and administrative commands,troubleshooting

Overview of R,Simulation, code profiling,Database Connectivity,Visualization

Basic of Python, I/O, DataBase Connectivity OOP's, Python GUI.

GUI Application development with jython database connectivity.

Introduction to Machine Learning.

Supervised learning - Regression, A case study in Classification.

Clustering- A case study in clusetering.

Deep Learning : Searching for Images.

Spark Architecture, Machine learning with spark - Mllib.

Machine Learning Frameworks

Numerical Computation Using Apache Singa.

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